All Right Rerserved to Heather Reber

Susan Bennett, RYT 500

I first experienced yoga as a teenager in a township recreation class. Through high school and college, I would come back to yoga for exercise. In 2012, I was feeling burnt out and unsure of my next move. I started attending yoga classes to bring a little relaxation and fitness back to my life. This time, I got hooked, and I found myself in yoga teacher training at Om My Yoga Academy in fall 2013.

While a desire to exercise motivated me to try yoga, the blissful relaxation and the opportunity for self-reflection on the mat are what keep me coming back. My classes are infused with this sense of peace I’ve found in my own practice, and my students leave class feeling relaxed, renewed, and inspired. In each Light Side Yoga class, you’ll sync your breath with movement, build strength, gently improve flexibility, and then rest in Savasana, the final relaxation pose. Most importantly, with consistent practice, you’ll find the light inside yourself.