In-Home Yoga

IMG_3475I understand that getting to a yoga class is hard.

I can absolutely relate to having a schedule that’s too full/variable to commit to a regularly scheduled class.

I get why you might feel self-conscious about being a total newbie at a yoga studio.

All of these reasons are why I offer in-home classes! We can schedule private one-on-one sessions, or you could share your class with a friend or two. Maybe you just need a few classes with personalized, judgment-free instruction to give you the confidence to go to that sweet yoga studio near your house. Perhaps you want to take your practice deeper to get more out of it. Let’s meet and figure it out how to shape your yoga practice into something beneficial and long-lasting.

In-Home Yoga Offerings

  • Custom Vinyasa Session
  • Restorative Yoga and Meditation

Ready to try yoga at home? Email me to schedule an introductory consultation, so we can meet to make a yoga game plan.


“Frequently too over scheduled to join a weekly yoga class, I found solace in private lessons with Susan. She helped to transform my home into a comfortable and tranquil space to practice yoga. I have really enjoyed the custom poses and attention I received during my private practice. In fact, I attribute my new found confidence on the mat to growth that happened during my private lessons with Susan. I highly recommend treating yourself to a lesson with her.”

– Sarah L.

“Susan’s in-home yoga sessions have been some of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had. She has been very flexible with our requested times and is always prompt to our sessions. The sessions have proven to be very carefree experiences, as Susan provides all of the props and blankets needed for that day’s practice.

Once practice begins, it becomes apparent how much care and attention Susan puts into each session. She will help adapt any poses to work better for you or will provide suggestions for how to modify a pose to get a deeper stretch.

I can’t recommend Susan’s in-home yoga sessions highly enough. With her calm demeanor and patience, she makes every yoga practice one to remember.”

– Mike I.

“[Susan] has had such a calming influence on me and helped me to have more confidence in my ability to do yoga practice. [She] is a true professional.”

-Teri G.