Spring Cleaning for Your Yoga Mat

Each year, spring brings bright sunshine, blooming flowers, and the desire to clean everything. Refresh your yoga mat too this season! You’ll need white distilled vinegar to clean the mat. Spraying or washing your yoga mat with vinegar also makes a new mat less slippery.

Every now and then, I want to give my mat a full cleaning by putting it through the washing machine. (Check your mat’s cleaning directions before using this method, as some mats may not be able to survive a washing machine cycle.) I use cold water and about a cup of white distilled vinegar. The load balances better if you can wash two mats at a time, so maybe borrow a friend’s mat to wash! Afterwards, hang your mat to dry. The drying process can take a while. Be aware that your mat will be out of commission for several hours after washing.

A quicker cleaning method is to make a mat spray. You’ll need equal parts white distilled vinegar and water, a small spray bottle, and essential oils to add scent. I keep a mat spray on hand so that I can (hopefully remember to) clean my mat at least once a week, which works out to once every 10 classes. I spray it down and allow the mat to air dry. You can clean more or less often, depending on how stinky/sweaty/slippery your mat gets.

I’ve also seen yoga mat wipes. One of my students swears by them and uses them at the end of each class. Experiment with a few methods and see what leaves your mat the freshest.

Happy spring cleaning!


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